10 Must-Have Accessories for The Travel Buff

10 Must-Have Accessories for The Travel Buff

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There are travel accessories and there are must-have travel accessories. And then there is this list of absolute must-have accessories that you just cannot afford to ignore, if you find yourself regularly bitten by the travel bug.

If you do a quick online search, you will discover lists of must-have travel items that you just don’t need. From wine bottle carriers to hammocks that fold into a knapsack. Yes, deliciously tempting and we can all do with this kind of luxury. We know that you’re going to go looking for these things right away. But before you do, just spend 10 minutes going through this list of everyday travel stuff that you will actually need and find good use for when you are heading out on your next holiday.

Presenting, in no particular order, the 10 must-have accessories for a travel buff:

1. Document Organiser

What’s the most important thing that you carry on your holiday? Not your mobile, no. Think again.

Your passport, yes. And all the other documentation that supports your travel and identity. A document organiser is perhaps the most necessary accessory to have as it is a compact and safe way to carry all your required paperwork without ending up with scattered, dog-eared papers or worse, misplaced ones.

2. Packing Cubes

Tell us, does this happen with you too? You manage to pack your bag properly, but at the very first hotel it turns into an unmanageable monster throwing out piles of clothing that just won’t go back in. And it can also be frustrating to not be able to find specific items at all. Women will relate to this, especially if you have carried matching accessories for your clothes.

Have you considered investing in packing cubes? These fun guys turn the chaos of packing (and unpacking) into a neat and tidy experience. You get different sizes depending on your requirement.

3. Digital Organiser

Along the lines of the document organiser that we spoke of earlier is the digital organiser. What does it do? None of us travel without our entourage of digital devices, right? Each comes with its own charging cord, battery packs, SD cards, and adapters. Some of us have a dedicated pocket or compartment in our luggage just for these items, but as our digital footprint increases, this solution can also quickly get out of hand.

A digital organiser, or an electronic organiser, keeps everything in one place without tangling with each other. Look for a waterproof one while you are at it.

4. Day Backpack

When you are packing for your holiday, don’t forget to include a day backpack. It should be large enough to accommodate all that you would need throughout the day, and yet be small enough to not become a pain to carry around. Look for one with lots of functionality inside but with a rather basic look on the outside. The idea isn’t to attract attention to yourself when you are travelling outside in a new destination. And since you will be carrying your passport, your money, mobile and camera in this, you need it to be unassuming enough to not proclaim you as a visitor.

5. International Travel Adapter

Carrying all your digital devices on holiday means you need a way to make sure you never run out of juice. An international adapter is essential for the modern international traveller looking to make sojourns into foreign lands. The device comes handy when the foreign destinations that you are traveling to have a different power supply than the one back home. Look for an adapter with multiple USB ports so that you can charge more than one device at a time. Many hotels are stingy with power outlets and honestly, with so much to see and experience outside the hotel, who really has the time to sit and charge devices one after the other.

6. Power Bank

Even if you are carrying the travel adapter with multiple USB points, it makes absolute travel sense to have a power bank as backup for when on the road. Technology has developed with leaps and bounds, but the batteries of our favourite digital devices don’t last more than one day. Don’t let a low battery ruin that beautiful sunset shot. Look for a compact and powerful power bank. Anything lower than 10,000 mAh is just not worth investing into, since these devices tend to lose capacity over time.

Now that we’ve got your sorted with your belongings, it’s time to take care of your personal needs.

7. Hand Sanitizer

We can’t stress the importance of this little bottle of gel. They say food poisoning is not always caused by bad food, but by dirty hands. This small bottle is your pocket-sized shield against germs and viruses that could spoil your holiday plans. When you travel, your hands touch all possible surfaces, exchange currency (do you know that currency notes and coins are one of the dirtiest objects, with countless germs roaming on them?), and handle various objects. If you simply sanitise your hands with this gel when on your travels, you are giving yourself the first level of protection against any potential illness.

8. Mosquito Repellent

This little ninja is, without a doubt, the first thing that you must dump in your bag, especially if you are planning a trip to a tropical country. Look for a product that has high DEET content and offers extended periods of protection. Some claim protection for 10+ hours. This product is highly recommended if you want to protect yourself from mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects that can also be potential disease carriers. Carry two or more bottles if you are traveling as a family and if it’s a long vacation.

9. Padlocks

This is one of those things that usually get overlooked and you realise its importance only when you are at your holiday. Finding a sturdy padlock can be difficult, depending on your destination. Invest in a good padlock beforehand to add an extra layer of security to your luggage when you are away from your belongings. If yours is a small-budget holiday and you plan to stay in hostels, then this is a must-have for when you are out sightseeing and don’t want to lug your bags around with you everywhere.

10. Compression Socks

Flights can get really cold and uncomfortable and being seated on some long flights can affect blood flow too. Get yourself a pair of compression socks that will keep your feet snug and warm, and also improve blood circulation. If you plan to cover most sightseeing on foot, this is a great way to keep your legs from getting fatigued quickly. Agreed, they aren’t the most attractive looking fashion accessories to your travel wardrobe, but they get a job done. And the next time you are on a long-haul flight, you will thank us for this piece of advice.

Each of these travel accessories is designed to save you space, time and effort, and even the possibility of bad health while on a wonderful holiday. Buy them for yourself, or you can even gift them to someone who loves to travel.



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